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M3F | Pearl River

An epicurean favorite, Pearl River offers a la minute cuisine to satisfy the fastidious taste of our guests. Besides sampling exquisite Cantonese dim sums and delicacies, our master chef has several secret recipes using the best ingredients to delight even the most jaded palates.
Small plates NT$65+10%/medium plates NT$85+10%
Large plates NT$105+10%/Featured plates NT$135+10%
Cantonese single order dishes NT$220+10% up
VIP Room Set Lunch/Banquet NT$8000+10% up

Chef's Choice

Crispy-skinned Suckling Pig

Known as one of the eight delicacies of Chinese cuisine, the amber-golden color and crispy texture of the skin and tender meat create the perfect combination of flavor and texture.

For more information,please contact:
+886 7 236 2323ext.4001、4002

Serving Hours

  • Lunch:
  • 11:30~14:00
  • Dinner
  • 17:30~21:00